We've heard a lot of house-building horror stories, and we thought it only fair to counteract with our tale of a very pleasant new house story. In the spring of 1998 we decided to move from Arlington, Virginia to the Triangle area of North Carolina so Tanner could attend graduate school in Chapel Hill. Our friend Mike Broome had bought a house a few years previously, and he strongly recommended his agent, Lynn Marin, so we began looking with her. She showed us several options within the price range we had given her, and accurately pegged us as "New House people." One house which we liked had just sold, but there was an empty lot down the street, and so we decided to purchase the lot and have basically the same house (with a few modifications) built by the same builder, Bryant Roberts. He came well recommended by Lynn, and agreed to build us not only a house, but a matching 12'x12' workshop out back. He was very responsive to our requests, and built us a very nice house right on schedule. We would definitely recommend both Bryant Roberts and Lynn Marin. Our First House

Now it is 2002, we have a new member in the family, and this house is getting a little bit small. So, we have signed a contract with Centex homes to build us a new one. Our New House