Websites I've Worked On

Wayfarer Pictures. This is our family picture album. - a children's clothing site which I worked on as a Merant employee. I also worked on three restricted access Business-to-Business sites for VF Playwear.
Duke Chapel Choir. Clark Geddie and I put together this pictorial directory for the choir (limited access). I worked on the website for Psychometric Services Limited at Merant.
Brass Rubbings. This is an index of names found on the brass rubbing collection at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Oxford University.

Friends With/wo Websites

Tanner Lovelace. My beloved husband. He is currently working for a company called Oculan. Visit his website to see his other interests.
Bram Schuyler Lovelace. Our son. Born 15 July, 2002.
Mumda. My parents, David & Karen Lehmann. They don't have a website, but at least they have email and an Instant Messenger account.
Todd DeLap. He's been a friend since college, but s'far as I know, he still doesn't have a webpage. That may change, now that he has a son.
Mike Broome. Another college friend, but this one does have a webpage. He even lives nearby, so I get to hang out with him once in a while.
Lynn Hooker. My college roomie. Now that she's got a PhD (congrats!) and a faculty position, you can read about her at the University of Indiana website.
Daniel Zuckerman. A friend from my days in PA. Warning: this page has lots of baby pictures on it!
Becky Hunter. Friend from Virginia, but does not have a website.
Mark Garbrick. Duke Choir friend and some time co-worker. Sci-fi fans won't want to miss his website!
Donna Sparks. Friend from Duke Chapel Choir. She ran away to New Hampshire a couple of years ago. No website.
Clark Geddie. Then/now friend from Duke Chapel Choir. Check out his photography!
Kathy Papastephanou. Duke Chapel Choir friend. She graduated in 1999, and is now in graduate school in California.
Margaret Harris. Duke Chapel Choir friend. Class of 2003. Left one Durham for another and is now working on a PhD in Physics at the University of Durham. The one in England.
Justin Jaworski. Duke Chapel Choir friend. Class of 2003. My co-concert manager in 2000-2001.
Chris Schreve. Duke Chapel Choir friend. Class of 2003.
Andi Feit. Duke Chapel Choir friend. Class of 2003.
Lisa Lorenzin. Originally a friend of Tanner's, now my friend too. She's dating Mike Broome.
Greg Jacknow. A friend from the Duke Juggling club, who now lives near DC. He's probably got lots of baby pictures on his site, too, 'cept it seems to have vanished.
Paula Long. High School friend who has lots of baby pictures on her site. Except I'm not sure where her site is.
Phi Kappa Sigma. Nu Chapter. A bunch of friends!

Hobbies, Activities, and Interests

Duke Chapel Choir. This is my main hobby and social activity. Approximately 100 of the finest voices in the triangle area. I can't imagine there being a finer college/town/church choir anywhere!
North Carolina Odyssey of the Mind Eastern Region. This is an organization that my husband and I have volunteered our time on for several years.
Amateur Radio. My newest hobby. Just call me KI4BZG. is one of the local groups. is another.
Skywarn. An offshoot of the amateur radio hobby, but also something I've been interested in all of my life -- the weather.
Juggling Information Service. This used to be the best juggling site out there - but a bit out-of-date these days, unfortunately.
Duke University. My alma mater. An excellent place to go for information on the Duke Men's Basketball Team, which occupies much of my time in the spring.
The Hacker's Diet. Try it. It works. Makes sense, even. I've been rather an Olympics fanatic since age 4.
Kickapoo High School. Hey, my high school has a web page! Located in Springfield, Missouri.